RIESTER Leads Phoenix Business Journal List of Top Ad Agencies

Our sincere thanks to the Phoenix Business Journal for its efforts to compile and share its annual list of top ad agencies.  We are honored once again to lead this prestigious list of companies.  Together, we are all working to build the City of Phoenix’s reputation as a hot spot in the marketing industry.

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A business defense for caring about climate change

islita reserve coasta ricaRIESTER has always believed that caring for the environment is a business issue.  That’s why we created the RIESTER Foundation as a vehicle for our company to assist with conservation.  This weekend, the New York Times published an interesting editorial written by former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. applying lessons he learned from the 2008 Recession to the situation we face now with climate change. 

Read Mr. Paulson’s case for a business response to climate change here.

The LA VICTORIA® brand knows that great taste is all about fresh ingredients

For more than 90 years, the makers of LA VICTORIA® salsas have been using tomatoes harvested and grown in California’s Central Valley. The tomatoes are picked at the peak of ripeness and bottled within 24 hours, sealing in the freshest taste every time. That commitment to fresh ingredients is the focus of a new campaign that RIESTER developed for its client, the LA VICTORIA® brand.

“This was a chance for us to get to the heart of the LA VICTORIA® brand,” said Tom Ortega, Chief Creative Officer at RIESTER. “Through radio, print and digital we are bringing this amazing process to life: from growing and harvesting the tomatoes in lush farm fields, to using them to create the best tasting salsa – all within 24 hours.”

Digital banners that are part of the brand’s new campaign capture the field-to-jar in 24 hours message:

field to jar

The LA VICTORIA® brand is committed to fresh ingredients because they know that fresh not only tastes better, but it’s also better for you. The brand takes this to heart with their new campaign. The newly redesigned LaVictoria.com offers locally oriented consumer information that is all about eating fresh and providing tips for growing fresh vegetables at home. Visitors will also find recipes that use fresh ingredients and step-by-step recipe videos from Chef Jamie Gwen.

The brand takes it one step further by offering a Garden Kit giveaway on the LA VICTORIA® brand Facebook page. Fans can learn useful tips and participate in “Fresh Friday” trivia for the chance to win a Garden Kit with tomato and pepper seed packets, gardening gloves, a garden kneepad and more.

The LA VICTORIA® brand believes every garden is a victory. As part of the campaign kick off, the brand is committing to helping refresh a California school’s garden. Schools are invited to apply online between now and April 30, 2014 to receive a “Garden Makeover” on their campus. In early May, one California school will be selected. The winning school will receive gardening tools and supplies, expert guidance on growing a successful garden, help with maintaining their garden through regular visits, plus learning materials and recipes using fresh vegetables courtesy of Chef Jamie Gwen.

For the latest information about LA VICTORIA® brand and its new initiatives, visit LaVictoria.com.


RIESTER wins 11 Addy Awards

RIESTER team at the 2014 Phoenix Addy Awards

RIESTER team at the 2014 Phoenix Addy Awards

While the world has been watching the Sochi Olympics for gold, silver and bronze, RIESTER looked to the ADDY® Awards this past week for its medal haul of 11 total awards!

The ADDY Awards salute some of the best campaigns and tactics produced by the advertising industry the last 12 months.

RIESTER extends a special round of applause in appreciation of our incredible clients. We don’t win, if you don’t win! Thank you for the opportunity to do great work on your behalf!

Without further ado, the medals were awarded to the following:

Gold ADDY Awards

  • MidFirst Bank Business Express Mailer
  • Short Leash Posters

Silver ADDY Awards

  • Arizona Department of Health Services’ Counter Strike Video
  • Idahoan “Eggahoan” Facebook game
  • Mirabella Website
  • RIESTER “We’ve Landed in Park City” Announcement
  • Utah State Fair Campaign

Bronze ADDY Awards

  • Hearst Castle Website
  • Arizona Department of Health Services’ “Call It Quits” App
  • RIESTER Texting Ad
  • RIESTER “Red & Yellow” Ad

Visit our 2014 ADDY® Awards page to see all of RIESTER’s award winning work.


CVS leads retailers in the right direction by stopping sale of tobacco

CVS quits selling tobaccoToday, CVS put its mission statement before profits when it announced that all of the retailer’s 7,600 stores would stop selling tobacco by October of this year.  The decision is expected to cost CVS 2 billion dollars annually in sales, but it lifts the company’s brand reputation and image well beyond that dollar mark.

RIESTER enthusiastically applauds CVS’s decision to stop the sale of tobacco products. As communications’ experts in reducing tobacco consumption in America for more than 18 years, we’ve seen smoking rates drop significantly over the decades, but we also understand how much more work remains to be done. As 4,000 teenagers try their first cigarette every day, selfless and strategic decisions such as this are required to further reduce tobacco prevalence in our communities.

CVS president and CEO Larry Merlo issued a video and written statement about the company’s decision, stating, “Ending the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products at CVS/pharmacy is simply the right thing to do for the good of our customers and our company. The sale of tobacco products is inconsistent with our purpose – helping people on their path to better health.”

This was a superb branding decision by Merlo and CVS, not only protecting the company’s mission but also expressing its brand claim in a way few organizations do. CVS is taking a stand for what it believes is the right thing to do and it is gaining a powerful brand association few Super Bowl commercial accomplished this weekend. CVS is leading retailers in the right direction by stopping the sale of tobacco. We hope others will follow.

Watch Super Bowl Commercials Like an Expert

We love Super Bowl at RIESTER because the day is about competition. The two teams who have passed, kicked and darted to the ultimate showdown should be applauded, regardless of the outcome. The secondary competition, which has been the topic of the day for the last week is all of the anticipated commercials. Brands will be vying to leave a long-lasting impression on the more than 100 million viewers tuning in.  Ideally, winning over the audience for: 30 seconds equals the beginning of a relationship. It’s certain, that the day has evolved into a cultural event that celebrates and critiques.

And we at RIESTER are right there on the sidelines, judging the commercials just like many of you will be at home. With more than 20 years of advertising experience under his belt, Tom Ortega has become an expert at judging TV commercials. The chief creative director for RIESTER stopped by ABC 15 studios where he discussed three Super Bowl ads and the secrets to a great commercial.

Key elements separate a great advertisement from a bad one. The top factor is emotional appeal. Commercials that make you laugh or cry are more likely to be memorable. Additionally, Tom points out that a good commercial should relate to the brand and be smart, leaving you with an “ah-ha!” at the end. The three commercials Tom selected as his favorite accomplished all those things. Watch the ads below:

Axe Deodorant “Peace”

Doritos “Finger Cleaner”

Volkswagen “Wings”

And share the ads you enjoyed the most with us on our Facebook page.

50 years after the Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health, there’s a lot left to be done

Today is the much-anticipated release of the new Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health. This marks the 50th anniversary of the first report that sounded the alarm for generations to come.

Since the initial report was released in 1964, rates of smoking in the U.S. have declined by more than half. With nearly two decades of experience creating and implementing some of the most successful tobacco prevention and cessation campaigns in America, RIESTER is proud to have contributed to this important public health accomplishment.

 The first smoking and health report was a crucial turning point because it irrevocably shifted the country’s perception of smoking from a harmless habit to a serious health threat. It named smoking as a direct cause of not only lung cancer, but also laryngeal cancer and heart disease, capturing national headlines and becoming one of the top news stories that year.

But until smoking is no longer killing our country’s adults and youth, and exposing all of us to the harmful effects of secondhand smoke, our work is not done. Tobacco use is still the number one cause of preventable death in the U.S.

RIESTER’s legacy in anti-tobacco initiatives is diverse and deep-rooted. Over the years we have conducted hundreds of research projects with tobacco users, and with their family and friends. Through these experiences, we have heard first-hand the heartache, desperation and even resentment caused by tobacco addiction. Every personal story has been a source of inspiration for our more than 20 years working on anti-tobacco campaigns—from helping people quit to preventing initiation. Some examples include:

www.TheCIGnal.com and www.ProjectQuitAZ.com

Building on a long history of reports detailing the reality of tobacco, today’s Surgeon General’s report will reveal the latest data about how using tobacco detrimentally affects your health and will highlight the past five decades of achievements in tobacco control and prevention.

On this important occasion, RIESTER celebrates the many strides that have been made. Moreover, we are reaffirming our commitment to help educate and protect people of all ages from the life-threatening health effects of tobacco.

The Surgeon General’s office (@Surgeon_General) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (@CDCTobaccoFree) will be live tweeting during the report’s release at the White House today using #SGR50.

Watch the live broadcast of the new Surgeon General’s report at the White House website.

VOSKOS® Greek Yogurt’s First National Ad Campaign Launched Today

As the very first makers of Greek yogurt in the U.S., family-owned VOSKOS® Greek Yogurt has a long tradition of making authentic, great-tasting Greek yogurt. The California company’s years of experience means VOSKOS® knows exactly what it takes (and what it doesn’t take) to make award-winning Greek yogurt – and the brand’s first national ad campaign showcases this expert dedication to quality.

Straight from the farm to the national stage, the new national television and digital media campaign is part of RIESTER’s integrated branding program that tells the VOSKOS® story: beginning with simple ingredients, VOSKOS® Greek Yogurt makes you feel good about what you’re eating because it’s fresh and authentic.

RIESTER first conducted focus groups to gain insight into what most strongly resonated with consumers about rich and creamy VOSKOS® Greek Yogurt. Based on those learnings, and on subsequent consumer panel testing with AmeriTest, RIESTER created and launched a redesigned voskos.com in November 2013 and produced a 30-second TV commercial with Backyard Productions from Venice California.  The commercial has a close-to-the-earth feel that reflects VOSKOS® authentic approach to making the best-tasting Greek yogurt.

For the freshly redesigned website, the campaign theme “happiness in every spoonful” inspired playful graphics, hand-sketched artwork and bright photography incorporated throughout the site. RIESTER built exceptional user-friendly features for the site like product and recipe filters and a community page that allow users to navigate easily and keep up with the latest updates.

The campaign also includes digital ads, social media assets and mobile elements that advertise VOSKOS® products and healthy recipes.

With simple, fresh ingredients and nothing extra, you can’t help but fall in love with the authentic taste of VOSKOS® Greek Yogurt. Start off the new year right and try VOSKOS® today.

Social Media engagement is no longer free

facebook-promoted-postsPaid promotion has long been an excellent tactic to extend reach across social media platforms. However, some recent changes have shifted this tactic from a nice add on to a must have. The final nail in the free-engagement coffin being Facebook’s confession that it is suppressing content that performs well to push companies to use promoted products. As Facebook explained it, “We expect organic distribution of an individual page’s posts to gradually decline over time as we continually work to make sure people have a meaningful experience on the site.”

With Twitter going public and the addition of Instagram and Pinterst ads, it’s only a matter of time before these platforms turn to similar tactics to boost ad revenue. We don’t like these changes. The need to promote posts makes it increasingly difficult to distinguish what content performs best, and adds additional costs for brands. Unfortunately, we see no indication of this changing in the near future.

While we lament these changes, it’s important to realize that social media has always been an outlier in the marketing world. What other advertising and marketing mediums allows brands to connect its customers with its messages at no cost? We’re all accustomed to paying for audience on television and the web, now social media is no different. As a platform with a direct link to consumers, it still provides exceptional value, at a cost that is still quite low when compared to other platforms.

So instead of lamenting the chances, we suggest you get ahead of the game and get a plan in place today. Here’s our three-step guide to initiating or optimizing social media advertising:

  1. Establish a social media advertising goals and budget. Increasing likes will require a different type of campaign than an objective to increase engagement. Depending on how many people you want to reach, a Facebook ad campaign can be successful for as little as $500 a month.
  2. Identify promotion-worthy posts. Focus on the content that speaks best to your social media and marketing goals/objectives. Promote content that has a clear call to action, links back to your website, and/or which will drive significant engagement. We recommend starting with one promoted post weekly, or bi-monthly.
  3. Monitor organic/viral reach and paid reach metrics separately. This will help you determine the true engagement of content. Continue to measure and make adjustments as the campaign progresses.

If you’d like to know more about the implications of these changes, or to help set up your social media adverting program, contact the social media marketing experts at RIESTER.

Monkeys, macaws and turtles have recently reminded us why we should be thankful.

For the first time in decades, a troop Capuchin monkeys has been spotted on the RIESTER Reserve.

For the first time in decades, a troop Capuchin monkeys has been spotted on the RIESTER Reserve.

Recent news from the RIESTER Foundation left all of us at RIESTER feeling thankful. Thankful we were able to make an impact. Thankful we have some amazing clients who make it possible for our Foundation to do its share of good.

On the RIESTER Reserve in Islita, Costa Rica, the good news was heralded by a troop of Capuchin monkeys. These were the first Capuchins seen on the Reserve in decades. And they’ll soon have company, as the Scarlet Macaw was recently reintroduced to the area.

Another milestone on the Reserve has been our new native plant nursery. Managed by Reserve caretaker, Norman Quiros, the nursery not only provides native species for the Reserve, but also for the people who call Islita home. The nursery has taken root and is already a local success.

Just a mile down the winding, unpaved road from the Reserve is Corozalito Beach. This half mile stretch of pristine beach is where the RIESTER Foundation supports PRETOMA, the international organization that protects the Olive Ridley Turtle. Poaching continues to be a threat to the Olive Ridley, but by mid-November, more than 1,500 turtles were recorded nesting at Corozalito. For the Olive Ridley Turtle – and all of planet Earth – those are numbers to celebrate.

At RIESTER, we are thankful that we are able to maintain the Foundation and support its efforts. None of it would be possible without the people we serve each and every day. Thank you.