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RIESTER’s Stephanie Fleming: Taking a campaign from good to great!

Stephanie Fleming from our Los Angeles office answers the RIESTER questionnaire:

RIESTER: What do you do at RIESTER?

Stephanie Fleming: My title is Integration Director, but I prefer to be called a Brand Activist. Not only does it help me define my role as a marketer, but it truly defines my passion for the advertising business. I like to classify my experience as a retail/consumer packaged goods (CPG) foodie. I love working on food just as much as I love eating it. I worked on a large supermarket account for almost a decade and tried hard not to brand myself as a supermarket/retail guru, but after working on several other unrelated accounts I found myself coming right back to what I love most… and that’s food!

So, here I am, a Brand Activist at RIESTER, working on one of the largest CPG food brands and running a growing satellite office. Life is good.

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