Super Bowl 46, pre-game ad analysis from Tim Riester.

Published on February 5, 2012

A big change this year in Super Bowl commercials include pre-game ad releases on YouTube and other social media channels. Not only were many of the ads released days ahead of time, but many of the advertisers created longer form commercials–two minutes or more in length to build excitement for their new campaigns.

The auto makers are back, which in itself is an indication that the economy is picking up steam. Viewers will get tired of seeing another car ad during every commercial break during the game. It will be interesting to see how many viewers can even recall which cars are associated with the different advertising concepts, because many of the automaker’s commercials this year lose sight of actually promoting the product. “Mathew’s Day Off” for example completely misses its target audience in its efforts to promote the Honda CRV. Ferris Bueller fans of the early 80’s are all aged in their late 30’s and 40’s now. These people have families with children and most are well beyond the need for Honda’s starter car. Yet, the commercial featuring Broderick barely shows the car and neglects ever depicting the lifestyles and family auto usage of that target consumer.

Go Daddy returns again this year as the Super Bowl advertiser with some of the worst commercials. The concepts are lame and the acting even worse. It’s amazing a company in such an exciting growth category does not respect its customers enough to reward them with intelligent and entertaining commercial content.

There are some commercials that will delight viewers this year. Volkswagen is a big winner again this year with its follow up to last year’s Darth Vader Passat commercial.  It’s very difficult to come back with one of the best Super Bowl commercials two consecutive years, and Volkswagen has done it with its pre-release of the singing dogs and it’s “Dog Strikes Back” commercial for the new VW Beetle.  Hopefully it will also motivate all of America to get up off of their sofas and exercise too!

Everyone at RIESTER will be watching the ads with as much interest as the game.

Enjoy the Super Bowl!