Watch Super Bowl Commercials Like an Expert

Published on January 31, 2014

We love Super Bowl at RIESTER because the day is about competition. The two teams who have passed, kicked and darted to the ultimate showdown should be applauded, regardless of the outcome. The secondary competition, which has been the topic of the day for the last week is all of the anticipated commercials. Brands will be vying to leave a long-lasting impression on the more than 100 million viewers tuning in.  Ideally, winning over the audience for: 30 seconds equals the beginning of a relationship. It’s certain, that the day has evolved into a cultural event that celebrates and critiques.

And we at RIESTER are right there on the sidelines, judging the commercials just like many of you will be at home. With more than 20 years of advertising experience under his belt, Tom Ortega has become an expert at judging TV commercials. The chief creative director for RIESTER stopped by ABC 15 studios where he discussed three Super Bowl ads and the secrets to a great commercial.

Key elements separate a great advertisement from a bad one. The top factor is emotional appeal. Commercials that make you laugh or cry are more likely to be memorable. Additionally, Tom points out that a good commercial should relate to the brand and be smart, leaving you with an “ah-ha!” at the end. The three commercials Tom selected as his favorite accomplished all those things. Watch the ads below:

Axe Deodorant “Peace”

Doritos “Finger Cleaner”

Volkswagen “Wings”

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