Responsive Website Helps Hospice of the Valley Connect with the Community

Published on May 16, 2017

RIESTER helped Hospice of the Valley launch a new responsive website in February showcasing all the compassionate services they have to offer, and how their mission is distinctly different.

As a nonprofit organization, Hospice of the Valley is focused on people, not profits. Their mission is to help people who need compassionate end-of-life care, and their families.

For their 40th year helping the community, they wanted to spread the message that they offer many additional services beyond hospice care, like free grief counseling and outdoor guided meditation.

From separate sites, to responsive

Hospice of the Valley came to RIESTER with three goals:

  • Increase awareness of services beyond hospice
  • Invite people to make donations more prominently
  • Be able to manage all website content flexibly, in one place

Previously, Hospice of the Valley had both a desktop and mobile version of their website which required duplicate work. RIESTER built a responsive website on the Umbraco content management platform, which means Hospice of the Valley can make updates to their website in one place and visitors can get a great view of it from any device.

RIESTER also helped Hospice of the Valley consolidate content to make it easier to find and read. Through a new site architecture, the number of pages was reduced from over 1,800 pages to 134 pages.

Incredible flexibility with widgets

The new website is incredibly flexible. Typically if you want to build a new page on a website, you have to select a template with a set layout. Knowing that flexibility was important, RIESTER built a site based on widgets which offers more creative freedom. Hospice of the Valley can choose, drag and drop widgets as needed, building completely custom pages to suite their needs.  

RIESTER also created a new Events section that allows Hospice of the Valley to feature important events and give the community a place to comment and share their experiences. For Hospice of the Valley, events are an important point of connection with the community that helps to further their mission.