RIESTER Brings FIORA® Brand Products to Life in New Campaign

Published on October 6, 2017

Oasis Brands, Inc., one of the fastest growing paper products brands in the U.S., makes FIORA® toilet paper, facial tissue and paper towels that are strong, absorbent, soft and earth friendly. With the paper products segment being a crowded field, dominated by brands that have a longstanding presence, RIESTER needed to create a breakthrough campaign that rolled all of FIORA’s attributes into a message that positioned the brand as the smart choice.

Smart feels good™.

The new Smart Feels Good™ campaign brings FIORA’s best qualities to life using FIORA products as natural elements in a beautiful paper world. By combining stop-motion animation and live-action, RIESTER created engaging, distinctive video content that showcases all of FIORA’s product attributes. Produced in lengths ranging from six seconds to 30, these videos serve as the foundation for FIORA’s new campaign.

Behind these amazing scenes.

RIESTER worked with 8th Street Productions and Vitamin Pictures to create a 3D world made of hand-crafted paper elements. The environment – which included birds, trees and flowers – were all made with FIORA products. The actor was filmed against a green screen and suspended in mid-air with a harness to create the illusion of flight.

Fiora Behind the Scenes

The complete campaign: social, digital and print.

The one-of-a-kind visuals allow FIORA to stand boldly across all channels. The engaging campaign draws the audience in, while providing all the facts they need to feel good about buying FIORA products. FIORA is the smart choice. And smart feels good.


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