RIESTER Creates Innovations that Inspire New Voters

Published on May 18, 2018

Research shows that voting at an early age increases the likelihood of continued civic involvement in later years. With that insight, RIESTER collaborated with our client the Citizens Clean Elections Commission (CCEC) to inspire young adults who are reaching the legal age of voting in 2018 with Arizona’s first Augmented Reality (AR) wall mural.

Titled Take Flight, the kinetic street art of giant colorful wings conveys the message that by registering to vote you are “taking flight” into adulthood and activating your political power. To experience the AR, people download the Shazam app, snap the QR code near the mural, point at the mural and the augmented reality experience begins when it has the person in focus. The art was created in partnership with renown mural artist, Lauren Lee and developers at Shazam.


There are two Take Flight AR Murals in Arizona that are part of an overall campaign titled 18 in 2018. One mural is located along the well-known Roosevelt Row art district in downtown Phoenix, at 214 E. Roosevelt Street. The other is located on the popular music venue in Tucson, 191 Toole. The experience on the device is getting positive reviews and more importantly it quickly leads users to the CCEC website where they can register to vote. The project is becoming hugely popular, with hundreds of people posing with the wings and tagging the project. See some of the best photos below, which are also featured on the RIESTER-designed project website www.azcleanelections.gov/18in2018.