Powering Greatness

Published on May 31, 2018

PacifiCorp and its two divisions, Rocky Mountain Power and Pacific Power, provide low-cost and increasingly renewable energy to 1.9 million customers across the western United States. With more than 100 years of success delivering optimal energy services to millions of customers, the company enlisted RIESTER to help develop a communications strategy that unified their collective purpose. The result is a new, multi-state branding campaign called “Powering Your Greatness” that captures Rocky Mountain Power’s and Pacific Power’s shared essence and role in the lives of their customers, powering their moments, large and small, so they can continue to achieve greatness every day.

Rocky Mountain Power President, Cindy Crane, and Pacific Power President, Stefan Bird, introduce the new “Powering Your Greatness” campaign to members of the PacifiCorp team.

An extension of “Powering Your Greatness,” the “Power of Us” campaign speaks directly to Pacific Power and Rocky Mountain Power employees. The message focuses on the employees’ role in their communities and serves as a rallying cry for their philanthropic and volunteer efforts.

“Powering Your Greatness” is not a slogan. It’s a commitment. One that views access to reliable and sustainable power as much more than a transaction, but also an opportunity to forge lasting, meaningful relationships with customers. For Pacific Power and Rocky Mountain Power, this meant giving the customer a voice — allowing them to express how powerful it feels to turn the smallest tasks into the greatest achievements. The campaign debuted across six states with television, digital, print, outdoor, radio and customized websites.

30-Second Television Commercial
The Powering Your Greatness television commercial shines a light on Pacific Power and Rocky Mountain Power customers and gives them a voice. Each person expresses the power they use to turn the smallest tasks into some of life’s most meaningful moments.


Print Ads — Consumer and Business-to-Business
Like the television commercial, the print campaign puts the emphasis on the customer. Whether the audience is retail or business, the message continues to speak to the power they use to accomplish so many things in life.



Simplicity is the key to outdoor advertising, so these billboards stay focused on the individual greatness of Pacific Power and Rocky Mountain Power customers.

30-Second Radio Commercials
The Powering Your Greatness radio commercials pay tribute to Pacific Power and Rocky Mountain Power customers. These 30-second ads speak directly to them, encouraging them to continue in their daily pursuit of greatness.

pacificorp-microsite-rmp copy updated


Microsite — PoweringGreatness.com
PoweringGreatness.com expands the campaign stories by magnifying the greatness of Pacific Power and Rocky Mountain Power customers. Additionally, the website demonstrates the positive impact Pacific Power and Rocky Mountain Power employees are having on their communities.