Tim Riester explains why Budweiser, Google and Kia got it right this Super Bowl LIII

Published on February 4, 2019

Commercials that show product differentiation are naturally memorable but those that make you smile at the same time are all the better. For that reason Budweiser was not only the ‘King of Beers’ but also according to Tim, the “Emperor of Advertising” this Super Bowl LIII. The brand’s medieval series cleverly showed how it brewed its beer without using corn syrup, while at the same time shocking viewers with the knowledge that its competitors did, in a very entertaining fashion.

Advertisers also relied heavily on celebrities as endorsers this year, but Tim’s picks were those that spoke to community-mindedness and social unity. In the automotive category, Kia’s “The Great Unknown” commercial was the favorite. It successfully highlighted the pride of a small community outside Atlanta where the Kia Telluride is manufactured. View Tim’s entire analysis below.