RIESTER applies strategic insights to design new website for diverse lottery audience

Published on March 5, 2019

When the Arizona Lottery decided to redesign their website to better meet the needs of their wide-ranging audience as well as improve its functionality for the in-house marketing team, they turned to RIESTER. The new website needed to meet the expectations of current customers while also resonating with new ones. This included improving the mobile experience, which will better serve the majority of website visitors who access it from mobile devices. RIESTER also created a design that better-integrated video content, because of its popularity among consumers. The redesign also supported a migration from the SiteCore platform to Umbraco, a more robust and flexible open-source content management system. The new Umbraco platform will allow the Arizona Lottery marketing team to more easily manage the website without requiring daily support from the RIESTER development team.


“I’m proud of our team’s attention to detail and excellent partnership with the Arizona Lottery IT department.” said Alan Perkel, Chief Digital Officer and Principal of RIESTER. “Our experience with lotteries was put to work immediately on this task and the end product is going to work harder for our client.”

RIESTER’s website update for the Arizona Lottery was guided by the behavioral insights of young lottery players who are just learning how to “play,” as well as more established players who are learning new ways to “play” in a digital interactive manner. RIESTER also prioritized showcasing ‘Where the money goes’ to appeal to Millennials who tune into organizations that dedicate dollars to philanthropy and sustainability. In this case, hundreds of millions of dollars raised by the Arizona Lottery are invested back into the community.

RIESTER expects that a visit to the new Arizona Lottery website is now for more than just checking the lottery numbers. The redesign now also cross-sells and promotes other Arizona Lottery games. The intention is to support the continued growth of the Arizona Lottery, which ultimately increases its ability to support key Arizona community initiatives.