Super Bowl Commercials: Heavy on Celebrities, Light on Ideas

The stars may have shined in the advertisements during Super Bowl 55, but the ideas were lackluster. As the pandemic changed how viewers watched this year’s big game, with small, family-only gatherings, advertisers had a unique opportunity to showcase brands to a more focused and attentive audience. Yet, many relied on star power rather creativity to tell their brand’s story.

Not all got it wrong, some brands addressed issues head-on, striking either a hopeful or humorous tone that surely resonated. RIESTER CEO, Tim Riester applauded brands including Jeep and Bud Light for getting it right. For Tim, the use of Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen was smart deployment of celebrity in Jeep’s “The Road Ahead” commercial.

In this topical ad, Jeep was able to capitalize on Springsteen’s patriotic persona to address some of the most significant issues America faces today in a relevant way that jived with the brand. Watch Tim’s entire analysis on all Super Bowl 55 commercials below.