RIESTER Acquired Moses Inc. on May 1, 2021

On May 1, 2021, RIESTER purchased Moses Inc., an integrated marketing firm with a three-and-a-half-decade reputation for exceptional creative work locally and nationally. The move provides additional resources for Moses’ current clients and brings RIESTER added depth and experience in tourism, gaming, hospitality, healthcare, transportation and fashion industry products.

“We successfully helped our clients grow to the point of needing more resources than Moses could provide on its own,” said Moses’ founder and newly appointed RIESTER Senior Creative Partner, Louie Moses.

“After years of guiding clients to make unique and original creative decisions, it was time to make a bold business decision of my own, one that I know will position our clients stronger immediately and beyond.”

Louie Moses will play a proactive role in smoothly transitioning Moses’ existing clients to RIESTER, using his experience to advance RIESTER’s clients and mentor staff members.

“Our acquisition of Moses speaks volumes about our positive outlook on the future,” said RIESTER Founder and CEO, Tim Riester.

“We have been admiring Louie’s brilliant work for decades and believe advertising companies focused on strategic and creative communications will be positioned best for success after this unprecedented time in our industry’s history.”

Combining the two firms is a testament to the longtime respect between RIESTER and Moses, two of the most competitive, creative shops in the southwest.