RIESTER Wins Coveted Website Design Award for Arizona Lottery

RIESTER is proud to announce that our client, the Arizona Lottery, has been awarded a prestigious honor from the National Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL). In September, NASPL, which serves as the guiding organization for the nation’s lottery programs, presented its “Best Website Award” for 2019 to the Arizona Lottery. RIESTER recently completed a redesign of the Arizona Lottery website creating a compelling user experience relevant to existing Lottery players by combining the power of real-time data, mobile behavior and consumer-focused website design. The award recognizes excellence in offering players valuable Internet information for improved player behavior, enhancing the Lottery’s image and player loyalty.

RIESTER’s vibrant and simple design was built upon the Umbraco content management system enabling content to be added ad hoc in a modular format without limiting the Arizona Lottery team to a specific design template. In order to educate Arizona residents, greater emphasis was placed on storytelling as a way of conveying how Arizona Lottery revenues positively impact the state’s population.

RIESTER’s website redesign for the Arizona Lottery contained more than 55 games and video promotions as well as content structured to teach new game players how to play and also give experienced game players immediate access to critical information like winning numbers. To drive gameplay revenue, cross-promotions were strategically designed to entice all visitors to explore new games and game types directly from critical information pages.

Needless to say, our Arizona Lottery client was beyond pleased with the honor. “The entire RIESTER team has excelled in strategizing and developing a website that is intentional, user-friendly and visually pleasing,” said Arizona Lottery Marketing Manager Shelby Alessi. “We are so proud of the work we’ve been able to accomplish with RIESTER as our partner. While this award only recognizes the site from a player perspective, RIESTER also deserves recognition for providing a CMS solution that has made our day-to-day management of the website so much better.”

Built as a responsive website design, the new layout and navigation structure were coded by RIESTER to adjust automatically and appear in the most visually appealing and functionally relevant format tailored for the device on which the website is displayed. Mobile navigation was optimized for small mobile device screens, easily getting players to the information they seek with a simple slide of a finger.

Using custom-built document types for games that tied directly into the Arizona Lottery API, the website always displays real-time game data. Using the Arizona Lottery API data, the website displays a “Jackpot Alert” promotion on the website homepage whenever a game reaches a pre-determined jackpot driving visitors to participate.

We consider this a win-win for the Arizona Lottery and RIESTER!