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Tim Riester Discusses How Google, Amazon, and Jeep Rose Above Competitors This Super Bowl LIV

Commercials that successfully evoke emotion, while showcasing their product’s capabilities are far more memorable than ones that rely only on celebrity endorsements and flashy visuals. According to RIESTER CEO Tim Riester, Google was one of the best advertisers in Super Bowl LIV with its tear-inducing ‘Loretta’ ad. “This commercial taught us much more about Google,” said Riester.

“It reminded viewers that Google was more than a search engine, while tapping into their emotions to memorably teach them about additional beneficial product functionality.”

Tim Riester, Founder & CEO of RIESTER Advertising Agency

Celebrities are a go-to for branding commercials in the Super Bowl, but the success of their appearance depends on how they are incorporated. Advertisers relied heavily on celebrities once again, but brands like Mountain Dew and Coke Energy failed to show their relevance in doing so. Mountain Dew paralleled a scene from The Shining featuring Bryan Cranston–a reference its young target audience is likely to miss, while Coke Energy ironically lacked energy in its ad featuring Johna Hill and Martin Scorsese. Check out Tim’s full analysis below to learn how Amazon and Jeep used celebrities in a more effective and clever way: