In Costa Rica’s Provincia de Guanacaste, the RIESTER Foundation saw an opportunity to create a world-class model of habitat conservation that could serve to protect native flora and fauna and provide educational opportunities for the local community.

Established through a Conservation Easement Agreement, the RIESTER Reserve is a lush, riparian, deciduous rainforest that supports a rich variety of wildlife, including Howler and Capuchin monkeys, Scarlet macaws, the Motmot, Coati, Nine-banded armadillos and the Blue Morphos butterfly.

RIESTER Reserve projects completed:

  • Full-time caretaker
  • Path and concrete/rock bench to small waterfall
  • Decks/walkway over ravine for interesting plant and animal viewing
  • Reforestation with 1000’s of native trees
  • Additional paths to interesting plant and animal viewing
  • Plant nursery growing plants from seeds, cuttings and seedlings
  • Watering hole/pond for native wildlife
  • Benches made of concrete and rocks throughout Reserve