Voter Engagement and Activation

Citizens Clean Elections Commission provides voters with straight-forward, non-partisan, black-and-white information about voting. That doesn’t mean getting the message out can’t be a little light-hearted. So, RIESTER worked with an Arizona-born songwriter and actor to create a character known as the Balloteer. Matching some critical civic topics with his lyrical talents, the agency created a series of memorable videos that informed and energized voters about all things elections.

RIESTER created a simplified organization and fresh, modern design for the Citizens Clean Elections Commission’s website. It is ADA compliant and designed to make it easy for voters and candidates to find election information as it changes regularly throughout the year.

The Citizens Clean Elections Commission funded Arizona State University’s Morrison Institute to research voter participation in Arizona. The study found that 45 percent of eligible Arizona voters don’t vote. RIESTER created a message to spread awareness of this voter crisis and inspire voters to take action.