Multicultural Consumer Packaged Goods - Centuries

Research indicated that US consumers, 25 to 54, craved authenticity to create some sense of adventure when they sat down to eat. For Herdez Salsa, a brand that was born in Mexico over 100 years ago, telling that story meant traveling to Mexico City with a small film crew and some hearty appetites.

RIESTER brought the dedication and vocation of a family-owned taqueria to life with this video about the people and passion (plus salsa) behind delicious tacos. This heart-warming story helped position the HERDEZ® Brand as authentic, deserving of a place at the table with the best Mexican food around.

RIESTER’s video is a celebration of food and flavor. The mouth-watering images of cooking, cutting, and assembling tacos in Mexico culminates with vibrant, HERDEZ® Brand salsa being poured on top, adding to the appeal. Even though you can’t always travel to Mexico for every taco craving, this spot suggests that you can cultivate that in your own home.