Disease Awareness – PrEP & PEP Z-Card

HIV carries the weight of decades of stigma. Even though HIV treatment has been revolutionized and allows people living with HIV to lead more normal lives, the stigma of the past is an albatross that can prevent people from seeking out their treatment options. The PrEP & PEP Brochure for Aunt Rita’s Foundation speaks to that powerful and persistent stigma by echoing the sense of dread upon receiving a diagnosis. But it also quickly dispels that stigma, turning the sense of dread on its head with the relief that comes from a treatment that empowers people to reclaim their lives.

The PrEP & Pep Brochure breaks down what the medicine does, how it works, when to take it, and how much it costs in plain spoken language for all audiences, even stressed out and concerned individuals. The design balances the need for easy definitions with more comprehensive information. Visually, the brochure conjures the conversations that happen around HIV and AIDs, with the PrEP & PEP messaging standing out as the loudest voice and a beacon of hope. The brochure provides indispensable information about disease treatment while simultaneously working to combat the stigma of living with HIV and offering reassurance and acceptance to those who are.

Also known as the PEP and PrEP brochure, this was created to take some of the fear and dread out of testing for HIV. With a light touch, one side of the brochure talks PrEP, a pill taken daily for HIV prevention. The other side discusses PEP, morning after treatment following a possible exposure to HIV. The brochure also talks about HIV treatment options that allow people to live long and healthy lives with the goal to become undetectable and untransmittable (U = U). This brochure was distributed at public health centers, doctor’s offices, select pharmacies, and even distributed in public places such as bars and restaurants.

  • Bronze Addy 2020