Professional Sports Marketing

How do you rekindle interest in a local USL professional soccer team with no home field in one of the most competitive major sports markets in the United States? As part of a complete rebrand of the then Arizona United Soccer Club, RIESTER delivered an integrated marketing program that helped fill the new stadium with raving fans, garnered new sponsors and vaulted the newly-branded Phoenix Rising FC into contention as an expansion team in Major League Soccer. Today, the team sells out every game and leads the league in social media engagement and in the standings.

Montage of Phoenix Rising FC car magnet and identity system

Professional soccer team logos traditionally look like shields from the Middle Ages. RIESTER designed the new Phoenix Rising FC logo with that in mind, incorporating local Native American folklore with the Phoenix bird rising from the flames of a soccer ball. Soccer fans took notice when the new logo was voted Best of 2017 by the United Soccer League.

RIESTER captured the Phoenix Rising FC story—including world-class players, celebrity owners, and a grassroots fan movement—to gain maximum brand exposure.

Montage of Phoenix Rising FC signage

The new brand identity of Phoenix Rising FC is grounded in the belief that soccer is woven into the fabric of every Arizona community. RIESTER created signage that made a bold statement to capture fan excitement.