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Home and Commercial Services – There’s No Escape

Truly Nolen

Truly Nolen is well known for their iconic yellow Volkswagen Bugs, dressed to look like mice. And with more than 80 years of pest control experience, no company is better prepared to get the job done. So, RIESTER imagined when a tiny Truly Nolen VW bug is chasing down a cockroach or a mouse, “There’s No Escape.” This campaign is a fun, entertaining and sometimes thrilling way of leveraging our client’s brand and historic brand image. The “There’s No Escape” campaign includes innovative TV animation and music with the help of one of RIESTER’s top valued partners, Cooperpost. Secondly, RIESTER used pieces of the animation to create other advertising elements such as print, online banner ads, social media assets and more. Truly a magnificent campaign!

  • Gold Addy (Integrated Campaign) 2020
  • Gold Addy (Campaign, Elements of Advertising, Music) 2020

:30 Commercial

  • Gold Addy (TV Commercial) 2020

Equipped Brand :30 Commercial

Truly Nolen prevents pests in homes, commercial offices and buildings. This video was created to communicate with business owners and facilities managers.


Truly Nolen Website

There’s No Escape – Termite

There’s No Escape - Termite

There’s No Escape – Pest

There’s No Escape - Pest

There’s No Escape – Rodent

There’s No Escape - Rodent