Public Health Communications

When Arizona’s COVID-19 statistics spiked in July, the Arizona Governor’s Office quickly concluded our state needed more public education to increase mask-wearing, social distancing, and hand washing behaviors. The governor wanted a massive response – so the state contacted eight of its top advertising and public relations agencies and RIESTER was proud to rise to the challenge. Ultimately, two of RIESTER’s campaign concepts were selected: “Tougher than COVID” and “Let’s Land Safely.” The former rallied Arizonans for the fight ahead, with special emphasis on men who feel wearing a mask, makes them look weak; the latter focused on the rewards to come for complying with mask recommendations and beating the pandemic.

Baseball returned in 2020, but without peanuts, Cracker-Jack, hot dogs or fans in the stands to root for the home team. We all miss live sports, and there’s one simple way to save them.

Let’s not allow this to be the year the music died. From small clubs to the big festivals, wearing masks is the only way we can rock – or folk, or country, or cumbia – on.