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Tobacco Awareness and Prevention – Second Hand Smoke

Arizona Deptartment of Health

Secondhand smoke is deadly, especially for children and elderly adults who don't always have a choice to get away from it. RIESTER and the Arizona Department of Health Services launched a campaign to educate Arizonans about how secondhand smoke harms the people they love.

  • Silver Addy (National Consumer Campaign) 2016

Secondhand Smoke Billboard

Secondhand Smoke Billboard

RIESTER created billboards to reach smokers where they are highly likely to smokeā€”in cars.

  • Bronze Addy (Flat Single Unit) 2016

Secondhand Smoke :30 Commercial

The jarring visual at the end is intended to make smokers think and take steps to protect their children.

  • Gold Addy (Single Spot 30 Seconds) 2016
  • Silver Addy (Video Editing) 2016