Youth Voter Education

In 2018, Citizens Clean Elections Commission wanted to turn Arizona’s
newest 18-year-olds into registered voters. To accomplish this, RIESTER engaged these passionate young adults with two things they couldn’t resist: street art and social sharing. Working with a local muralist, augmented reality and Shazam, RIESTER created an experience that made the wings come to life in-camera. Participants could then share the taggable moment with friends. In a four-week span, 13,000+ photos were taken through the app. 500+ pieces of user generated content were shared on Instagram. 28+ million impressions in media were created. And Arizona’s primary had the highest voter turnout in history. This campaign won the national PR ADWEEK Campaign of the Year 2019 award.

Just as the mural comes to life through augmented reality, the entire Take Flight campaign comes to life in RIESTER’s video. RIESTER gives a behind-the-scenes look into the creation and enjoyment of the mural. Public art is meant to be experienced, not just viewed. The infectious joy of Gen Zers interacting with this vivacious piece of art shows the power that symbols of freedom can inspire.