The DeNoble Files

Research demonstrated that showing teens how tobacco affects their brains can greatly impact their decision to ever try tobacco. RIESTER collaborated with a team of innovative animators and Dr. Victor DeNoble, one of today’s most influential addiction scientists, to create this groundbreaking series of informative, entertaining videos.

Many teens are well-versed in the health consequences of tobacco like cancer and heart disease, but not many understand how it can affect your brain. Here, Dr. Victor DeNoble talks about how nicotine changes the brain over time through the process of addiction.

Preventing teens from starting to smoke is one of the best ways to prevent long-term addiction. This animation teaches teens how nicotine can affect their brain chemistry by disrupting the balance of dopamine, a neurotransmitter tied to happiness.

Peer pressure is a powerful force that can lead many teens to try tobacco. In this video, Dr. Victor DeNoble underscores for teens that once you start, nicotine takes away your ability to say no.

RIESTER partnered with Tomahawk Visual Effects to create arresting visuals for the “E-Cigs” video that would resonate with teens. See how it all came together.

Teens are at a critical age when their brains are still developing. The essential message this video communicates is that their brains process information twice as fast as adult brains—and get addicted twice as fast too.

A light switch only has two states—on and off. Addiction is the same. This animation explains to teens that once you turn on nicotine addiction in your brain, there’s no turning it off.