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Gilead Sciences is the world’s leading innovator and manufacturer of HIV treatment.When the Department of Health and Human Services recommended that patients start treatment when their T-cell count was 500 or below, the pharmaceutical pioneer asked RIESTER to elevate awareness of the new guidelines nationwide. In response, RIESTER created a treatment initiation campaign that was highly personal and created a sense of urgency around seeking treatment through the words and emotions of the patients’ loved ones.

The contrast between real people’s faces and anonymous silhouettes communicates the strength and power in overcoming the stigma surrounding the disease. The bright color block design reinforces the hard-hitting facts about HIV. RIESTER crafted this site to have an impact while communicating important information.

Gina’s story became a moving message about the importance of starting HIV treatment early, and sticking to it.

Image of Treat HIV Now print ad

Featuring real patients made the message that much more powerful when it came to the most important message: protect your health by talking to a doctor.