Financial Services – True to Your Money

In the wake of the 2008-2009 financial crisis, RIESTER helped MidFirst Bank connect with customers by focusing on what matters most for a financial institution – trust. The “True to Your Money” campaign centered around attention to detail and decency. The unique and authentic message from MidFirst Bank built confidence with existing customers while kindling relationships with new ones.

When MidFirst Bank needed a logo that would help them build an established brand, RIESTER produced one that’s modern with a statement color and clean lines, yet approachable showing an abstract door that’s always open.

Premium service is at the heart of MidFirst Bank’s customer relationships. RIESTER built a customer-centric website to meet the demands of banking in the digital age.

To make something work well, you need to thoughtfully craft every element of it. RIESTER helped MidFirst Bank talk about the great care they take with every customer’s finances to show why they’re the better choice for banking.

  • Bronze Addy (TV Commercials for Services) 2015

MidFirst Bank builds lasting and trusted relationships with small businesses that support communities. RIESTER captured just how important this can be with images that show the care that goes into nurturing growth.

Image of MidFirst Bank print ad

RIESTER and MidFirst Bank created a message to define for consumers why they should choose MidFirst Bank over the competition: the potential to soar.

A personal relationship with MidFirst Bank is all about the basics—trust, care, and expertise. RIESTER crafted a brand message that mirrors their exceptional customer experience and allows their customers to soar.

MidFirst Bank and RIESTER worked closely together to evolve the True to Your Money message. This high-energy, multimedia campaign aligns with the values, priorities, and daily lives of their customers.

RIESTER proudly shared MidFirst Bank’s philosophy on offering premier financial guidance in a commercial that inspired new customers.

Image of MidFirst Bank print ad

RIESTER helped MidFirst Bank cultivate new relationships with local businesses by telling the story of how they support communities.

RIESTER created a commercial to demonstrate how MidFirst Bank makes their customers’ lives easier through digital tools and a superior banking experience.

VIO Bank offers investors better options for growing their retirement savings. RIESTER designed them a custom website that does the heavy lifting by building enough trust with customers that they feel comfortable opening accounts online.