Youth Prevention - Vape

As vaping was marketed as a NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) and safe alternative to smoking, two truths became evident. One, the chemicals in vape were not safe. And two, the real target audience was not adult smokers. It was teens. Working with the Arizona Department of Health Services, RIESTER created a digitally centric campaign to prevent vape usage and developed a ceaseless lineup of irreverent and entertaining videos that exposed the dangers and addictive quality of vaping.

In this animated commercial, a well-meaning vampire wakes up and immediately reaches for his dependable and addictive vape pen only to realize he has inhaled garlic juice, thus leading to his demise. Just as garlic poisons vampires, vaping poisons us all.

In this animated commercial, we see delicious looking sweet treats floating through the air. As we pan out, we learn that a young woman is vaping these sweet smelling chemicals into the air. She is content until the sweet treats quickly transform into symbols of death, revealing the true nature of these chemicals that is simply masked by their fragrant odors. The spot then reveals that vape juice may contain chromium, a toxic and carcinogenic metal, further revealing the dangers that lie hidden under olfactory false promises.

This animated commercial depicts a factory creating vape juice. The factory itself is dingy and dirty, like a movie location where something shady is about to go down. In contrast, the vape juice flavors being manufactured are brightly colored, but sickly sweet looking, almost venomous. This contrast highlights the misleading nature of vape juice: it offers its sweet flavors but it conceals its nefarious origins.

Many teens are well-versed in the health consequences of tobacco like cancer and heart disease, but not many understand how it can affect your brain.