Tim Riester Talks with KJZZ about Super Bowl Advertising Teaser Campaigns.

Tim Riester in RIESTER’s audio studio with producer Sara Sturges and broadcast engineer Mike Lehnhardt during the live KJZZ segment about teaser campaigns for Super Bowl LVII.

RIESTER’s Founder and CEO, Tim Riester, recently joined host Lauren Gilger, on the Phoenix NPR affiliate, KJZZ, for a live interview and conversation around Super Bowl ads. In the interview, Tim shared his point-of-view on the trends, hype, and value of Super Bowl ads, specifically highlighting the latest trend of “teaser ads.” 

Teaser ads are designed to create storylines and build anticipation for the Super Bowl commercials themselves. Essentially ads for the Super Bowl ads, they give the audience a sneak preview of a brand’s full length commercial, scheduled to air on Super Bowl Sunday. 

Tim shared his perspective on the value of teaser ads, some of which were released as early as December, in the evolution of traditional Super Bowl ads. He provided insights around the engagement opportunity offered through these 15-20 second ads, explaining how the format gives brands a different, and more meaningful way to connect and listen to their audience. Teaser ads, as Tim described, can rally consumer involvement by leveraging companion tools like social media to encourage voting, commenting, sharing, and other responses, making teaser ads a valuable avenue brands can use for listening to and interacting with their audience. 
The big question relating to the Big Game: is the $7 million cost for a :30 second advertising spot a worthy brand investment? Listen to the NPR interview for Tim’s response, plus, find out what he thinks about brands using celebrities in Super Bowl ads.